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Hiring a wedding planner is one of the first decisions couples make. This is because planning, although exciting, can be a daunting undertaking consuming many hours that couples rather spend enjoying their engagement. Many couples are unsure as to where they need to start in the planning process and therefore seek guidance from an expert who knows the ins and outs of the industry and the local area.

The team at Elevation Weddings and Events is equipped with local knowledge, over 15 years of planning experience, and is passionate about weddings and events. We believe that a planner shouldn’t just fit your planning needs but should compliment your strengths and elevate your ideas to create a wedding that is a true reflection of your unique style and the love you share with each other.



Krysta’s interest in the events industry began early when she started studying entertainment management in college. After several jobs and internships within weddings and events, Krysta headed to Orlando, FL to work for The Walt Disney Company. It was there that her desire to plan events was solidified.


Shortly after Disney, Krysta ended up headquartered in the nations capital where she coordinated weightless flights for The Zero Gravity Corporation. She spent seven years traveling the country coordinating and implementing weightless flights for individuals, Fortune 500 companies and celebrities alike. Some of the more rememberable flights included those for; Make A Wish Foundation, NASA research, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and the first, Weightless Wedding.

Wanting to return to the events industry, Krysta took a job at a Denver based catering company as an Event Designer. It was there that her passion for weddings flourished.


Soon after her transition into the wedding industry, Krysta found herself relocating to Colorado's Western Slope. “My husband and I were looking for a different pace of life and we found it in Ouray, CO.” Their love for the outdoors, backpacking, hiking and winter sports made the San Juan Mountains the perfect area to begin their new chapter. It also proved to be an amazing location to raise their two daughters, Marilynn and Austine.


Six years into starting Elevation Weddings and Events, Krysta is happier than ever. Her passion for both the area and creating unique experiences for couples is a driving force.

An Interview with Krysta...


What is your favorite wedding tradition?


I love seeing passed down jewelry and dresses make an appearance at weddings. Whether something is worn as it was intended or completely reimagined, I find the sentiment extremely touching.




Kate left the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles as a film executive back in 2018 and relocated with her now husband, Derek, to the beautiful San Juan Mountains. 


When not producing weddings and elopements for Elevation Weddings and Events, you’ll find Kate at The Wright Opera House wearing many hats including Board President. Kate has an extensive background in film production and theatre arts. Her energetic personality and contagious smile make being around her fun and easy.

An Interview with Kate...


What is your favorite wedding tradition?


I love the first dance. It is such an emotional moment, and an opportunity for the couple to express who they are together. Even if the dance itself is simple, the song choice always carries meaning and insight into their relationship.



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