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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Wedding Eco-Friendly

Creating your wedding day oftentimes comes down to the details. They’re the pieces that allow you to weave your story and personality throughout your celebration, they allow your event to come alive with color, and they add plenty of beauty. But, the same details that can make a wedding day feel complete are also the same pieces that can add to the waste produced by the event. So, if you’re hoping to cut down on disposable wedding day details and embrace a more eco-friendly wedding day, I’m sharing five quick and easy things you (and your wedding vendor team) can do to help our environment.

5 Ways to Make Your Wedding More Eco-Friendly

Sometimes the biggest things you can do to create change happen as a result of smaller moments. And, that’s definitely true for the ways you can create a positive impact on our environment through your wedding day! Today’s suggestions may seem simple and easy (and they are), but when more and more couples join together to do the same thing we’ll see a positive impact that only continues to grow.

Move Away from Plastic

Many stores and restaurants are guiding customers away from plastic because it’s harder on the environment. So, think about joining in! When you’re running through plans with your venue, catering, and bartending teams, ask about ways to avoid plastic. One idea: don’t offer plastic straws or cups to your guests. Paper and corn based straws perform the same function, and they’re much kinder toward the environment. Plus, actual glasses can be washed and used again! If this feels like a small step, consider how many guests you’re inviting to your wedding. Then think about the fact that most guests will enjoy at least two drinks. It all adds up!

Consider Your Flowers

There are quite a few ways to keep the environment in mind when you’re working with your florist. First, consider in-season flowers that don’t need to be shipped in from outside farms. Second, think about ways you can reuse your blooms. For example, your bridesmaid bouquets can make excellent centerpieces during your cocktail hour or reception, and your ceremony backdrop can double as sweetheart table or head table decor, or a photo booth backdrop. Third, don’t toss your flowers once your wedding day ends! Think about repurposing arrangements into smaller pieces that can be donated to hospitals, nursing homes or churches — they’re always delighted to receive them.

Scale Back Your Food

Whether you’re hosting friends for dinner or inviting your family to gather for a holiday, you’re almost always guaranteed to have leftovers. Your wedding day isn’t any different! If you’re hosting a cocktail hour with plenty of options, you might chat with your caterer about scaling back the portions for dinner (your guests might be well past full). You can also research ways to either donate or save your food. Caterers do have rules they follow regarding this, but it’s worth asking!

When it comes to your cake, size down. Not everyone likes cake, and many guests might be full from dinner. So, there isn’t a need to ensure there’s a piece for everyone. After all, you won’t want to have too much leftover cake if your wedding is a destination and/or you’re leaving for your honeymoon immediately after your wedding without time to enjoy it.

Skip Favors

Though it may sound trite, the memories your guests will take with them after your wedding day are more than enough. Even the most thoughtful pieces are often left after the wedding day because they’re something guests forget to take with them, decide to skip, or aren’t sure how to pack for their journeys home. So, opt to skip favors and lean into an experience for your guests, like a photo booth or live painter, instead! You will save the environment from true waste, plastic, and potential emissions from shipping, and your guests wont think twice about that small favor.

Think About Your Wedding Exit

Many couples feel as though their wedding isn’t complete without a wedding exit. If you’re one of them, think about ways you can make your moment more eco-friendly. For example, skip anything that isn’t biodegradable (paper confetti) or a potential fire hazard (sparklers) and go with something like a petal toss, lavender toss, or biodegradable confetti (yes, it exists!). Bubbles also make for a fun moment! The other bonus of these ideas? You can do them right after your ceremony while it’s still light out, which will make your photos turn out better than anything captured after it’s dark.

Whether you put one of these ideas into action or you make all five of them happen, you’re definitely making a positive impact on our environment. And, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything while you do!

How are you making your wedding day more eco-friendly? What other ideas would you add to the list? Let me know!


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