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Benefits of Working With a Wedding Planner

I’m sure you’ve been told by anyone who has had a wedding planner that you, too, need a wedding planner. While I 100% concur, YOU want to know what the benefits of working with a wedding planner really are. I can appreciate your curiosity. When you’re planning a wedding there are a lot of moving parts and quite a few hires you need to make. The decisions keep getting thrown at you and you want to be sure you make the right ones. Of course, a planner makes this easier. But, let’s discuss how and why a wedding planner is beneficial to have on your team.

Less Stress

It would be a lie if I denied the fact that planning a wedding is stressful. However, it can be less stressful (and some may even say zero stress) when you have someone who knows what they’re doing take the reigns. As a newly engaged couple, you aren’t supposed to know how to do this. You aren’t magically going to have it figured out after reading a ton of articles about “how to plan a wedding.” You do this once, ideally. And even if you are doing this for a second or third time, it is still significantly fewer times than a professional wedding planner. I do this multiple times a year and have been doing this for multiple years. Which, by default, means if nothing else, I’ve seen a few things which allows me to anticipate situations, help you navigate your budget and keep your planning on track.

If you’re planning your wedding in a short time frame (under six months), you’ll feel the squeeze of decisions needing to be made quickly and efficiently, as well as money heading out the door at a quicker pace. A wedding planner can lay all of that out for you in a less overwhelming way.

Less Research

You are going to spend HOURS agonizing over details. It could be the menu, the playlist, the best flowers… that are going to be personal to the two of you. But there is something that is going to be wildly important to you that you’re going to feel compelled to spend A LOT of time researching and deciding on the best options. Imagine telling your wedding planner what you want and being presented with the options, instead of you having to do all the digging to find the answers? Yes, life can be that amazing! It’s like going to a restaurant versus cooking the meal yourself. There is a satisfaction about cooking dinner yourself, but there was also finding the recipe, going to the store to buy the ingredients, making sure you had the right cooking equipment, cooking the meal and then sitting down to enjoy it...and don’t forget about cleaning up the mess! After all that, you might realize you’re so tired from the effort it doesn’t feel quite as rewarding or enjoyable.

Instead, you could go to the restaurant (hire the planner), be presented with a menu (your choices), and order (enjoy!).

“Insider” Secrets

As wedding professionals, we keep secrets. Not because we don’t want you to know, but so that we don’t stress you out! If your flowers show up smushed, your cake is leaning or the DJ forgot essential cables to get things up and running… it is our job to FIX it so that you don’t ever know. The goal is a stress-free, wonderful experience. Things go wrong, and we can anticipate that. This can start as early as your vendor selection and go through to your end-of-the-night clean-up. If it seems like a vendor is pushing you in a specific direction or you’re hearing some of the same recommendations over and over, it’s likely we have an insider secret that is driving that advice.

Special Offers and Rates

While I don’t advocate for asking for deals- as professionals should be paid their worth- working with a planner sometimes means sweet surprises or a little negotiation room. This is because we’re leveraging our relationships with fellow wedding professions to help us achieve your goals and accomplish your vision.

Your Own Personal Advocate

While not every wedding experiences resistance or “loud” opinions by friends and family, many do. It’s easy for family, especially, to forget this is your day because they too have been waiting for this moment. They may put some pressure on you to do something that doesn’t feel good to you as a couple. A planner is your neutral ground. Your objective viewpoint to help you navigate the decisions and provide a calming environment in the process. And even sometimes the scapegoat for when your crazy aunt won't stop insisting on DIYing your centerpieces.

Day-Of Details

This is arguably the most important for couples. YES, we do SO much prep work to make sure the wedding is perfect. BUT, what you see and feel the most is the day of. Being able to show up and be. I’m talking all those feel-good feelings without a single worry about who is greeting vendors, if the tent is getting set-up, where does the cake go, who is pinning boutonnieres, how will I know when it’s time to leave, am I taking too long with photos, did I eat? The endless string of worry just melts away so you can enjoy your day and be present with family and friends.

There are so many unspoken and unknown benefits that pop up for couples during the planning process and wedding day experience, but I hope after reading this list, you can see the more “obvious” benefits of working with a wedding planner!


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