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Children at Weddings

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Many couples opt to have their wedding day be a kid free zone. But coming to that decision can be difficult. Below are a couple alternatives that allow for children at weddings but also allow for an enjoyable event for both parents, guests and the newlyweds.

Children in the Wedding Party: You've always known that your adorable niece was going to be your flower girl. Or maybe your toddler would make for a cute ring bearer. Of course you can't imagine your big day without them. Allowing family and/or the children of close friends to attend the wedding can be limited to just a few that will be apart of the wedding party. TIP: Provide the parents with a list of a couple babysitters that can watch over the children once the ceremony is over so parents can have a good time too.

Children ONLY at the Reception: The thought of having a 2 year old screaming during your vows runs chills down your spine. And, you're not alone. It is okay to tell your guests that you are happy to have their children attend your big day but they'll need to skip the ceremony. TIP: Hire a babysitter to watch children at the reception site while parents partake in the ceremony. The cost is a drop in the bucket if you think about the potential disruption a child could cause during your precious moments.

All Children Welcome: The children in your lives mean a lot to you and you wouldn't dream of keeping them away. There are several ways to setup a successful kid friendly wedding. TIP #1: Start the wedding earlier in the day so children don't become fussy as the night approaches. TIP #2: Consider having a kid's table during dinner with kid friendly foods served as soon as they take their seats. Parents will appreciate not having to drag their children through a buffet line to only place a dinner roll on their plate. TIP #3: Create a kid zone for after dinner full of fun activities like games, coloring books and even a movie. Stack lots of blankets and pillows in the area so kids are encouraged to snuggle up for a good movie. Individual popcorn bags anyone?

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