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Is A Colorado Destination Wedding For Us?

When I’m asked to describe my favorite season in Colorado, it’s difficult to choose just one.

During the winter, our landscapes are blanketed in snow, and I always feel as though our state has never looked more serene. As spring arrives, sometimes it can appear as though we’re caught between two stages as blooms appear while the previous season’s snow continues to melt. Summer arrives in vivid color, with mountain tops full of wildflowers. And then there’s the fall with its rich foliage painted against our stunning mountains. There’s something to love about every season in Colorado, which is why a destination wedding can be planned during any month throughout the year. But, how do you know if a destination wedding is right for you? Let’s dive in and explore the five key signs together.

You Love to Travel

Many of my couples are not Colorado natives. Instead, they reside in other states throughout the country, and they fell in love with Colorado either while they were growing up or on a trip they took together. So, brides and grooms are not only inviting their guests to explore Colorado, they’re also inviting themselves! Because there’s always an element of exploration included in every destination wedding (you’re asking guests to visit a new-to-them-place to see it through your eyes!), my couples always have hearts for travel. If you also love to explore, a destination wedding in Colorado may be right for you.

You Love New Experiences

Other than experiencing the beauty of Colorado’s landscapes, couples are also inviting their guests to experience something new with them. Everyone is asked to fly (or drive) to a different state than where they reside. While they’re there, couples invite their guests to go on excursions and adventures so they can enjoy the true meaning of Colorado – exploring nature. A destination wedding is never solely about a ceremony and a reception. Instead, it’s about creating an experience for couples and their guests that they can live together.

You Love Multi-Day Celebrations

Like I mentioned, a destination wedding encompasses so much more than a ceremony and a reception. It typically spans across multiple days, and it includes a complete variety of events (think: welcome party, excursions, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, brunch, and more!). If you’re hoping to spend more time with your guests than a typical wedding celebration will allow, a destination wedding might be for you. Plus, the time you spend with your guests is a bit more intimate – most destination weddings include much smaller guest counts in order to make the celebration feel more private and even exclusive.

You Aren’t a Huge “Wedding Couple”

When I ask couples to describe their ideal wedding day, most who are considering destination weddings typically note that they’re not “wedding couples”. When they say this, it often refers to a few things: a formal black-tie affair doesn’t feel like them, they want to celebrate in a location that’s different than a typical wedding venue, they may not love being the center of attention, and they would rather celebrate with an intimate group of their closest family and friends rather than a group that extends well into acquaintances. If you’re hoping to celebrate your new union but any of this resonates with you, a destination wedding may be an ideal solution!

You Love the Idea of All-Inclusive Planning

When couples ask me to plan their weddings, many jump on board because they love the idea of having a wedding professional guide them through every step of the process. Together, we wade through inspiration and research, contracts and excursions, timelines and so much more. Your experience of working with me as your wedding planner will feel very similar to a stay at an all-inclusive resort: you both will sign one contract, and then I’ll consult you as we handle the rest as a mini planning team.

During which season in Colorado would you host your destination wedding? Send me a note, so we can explore your celebration in my favorite state together.


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