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Jillian + Ty's Top of The Pines Ridgway, CO Wedding

Jillian + Ty, professed “adventure buddies” knew they had to say their vows along Imogene Pass. But asking 60 guests to follow them up the mountain was less than ideal so Top of the Pines recreation area seemed like the perfect fit. Its vast view of the mountains with wide open fields of wildflowers drew their family and friends into the wonderful adventure they were embarking on themselves.

Jillian and Ty officially exchanged vows a day prior with an intimate sunrise jeeping excursion up Imogene Pass. The next day they did it all over again but this time close friends and family were in attendance. It was a bit rainy. Scratch that- there was A LOT of rain. But Jillian was determined to wed outside and therefore she waited out the rain in her 4x4 while getting weather updates via a walkie.

Following their vows the pair walked with photographer Mikayla Dawn Chaparro and cinematographer Jude and Jael to a nearby wooded outcrop for some amazing portraits. I loved that Jillian had on her Chaco sandals for this part, a girl after my own heart...and a true Colorado bride!

While the couple and their guests were otherwise occupied, the pavilion area and tent set up for the night’s festivities were readied for the celebration! I highly suggest when there is potential for damp weather setting up a dessert table inside where air can be more controlled. It just keeps your cake from sweating in the dryer environment and potentially turning into a puddle of frosting.

As the sun set over the mountains the guests tucked into tables decorated with brass candle sticks to give off a soft glow. The vintage glassware and milk glass vases were collected and carefully transported up the mountain by the MOB. Sweet blooms from Alpenglow Growers added just the right amount of softness to the hardwood farm tables from Park Avenue Parties.

This amazing vendor team successfully made an off grid venue feel comfortable, welcoming and elevated. And as the stars came out, the space turned into more like a nightclub under the big tent with dance beats and multi-colored glow sticks.

Colorado Wedding Vendors:


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