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Mountain View Wedding Venues, Telluride Colorado

One of the MANY things to love about Colorado is the amazing views that can be seen from many of our fantastic wedding venues. However, just because you've found a venue that is in Colorado, doesn't guarantee that you'll have a great mountain view. I don't think I've actually planned a wedding without an amazing mountain view (it's kinda my thing), BUT, it's my duty to share some of the best mountain view wedding venues in Telluride, to save you endless Google searches. I've rounded up three, to get us started!


10,551 feet above sea level, the view from Allred's is what you may initially envision when you think about Colorado Mountains. Located in Telluride Mountain Village, the view is simply spectacular AND they have incredible service + food and beverage options. In order to get to Allred's you must take a gondola which is very charming and oh so Colorado! It's a fantastic destination location that delights guests and makes a great choice for a really lovely weekend celebration.

The View at Mountain Lodge Telluride

I'll admit- I'm a sucker for The View. I've helped several couples host their wedding weekend here and a few non-wedding events as well (including wedding industry events, which gives it an extra star because we're picky people!). Not only is it quintessential Colorado because of the cozy, warm lodge vibes, but they have great amenities, are easy to get to, and obviously, have incredible views. The food is also amazing!

Schmid Family Ranch

Schmid Family Ranch is located about ten miles West of Telluride, Colorado so hiring transportation will be a must to get your guests to and from the site. It's also a blank slate which means you'll need to construct your wedding from the ground up (tents, tables, chairs, bathrooms, lighting, catering kitchen, generators, etc.). But the views from the ranch more than make up for the additional work. Couple's can opt to exchange vows in an aspen grove or overlooking some seriously tall mountain peaks. The reception is held under whatever style tent you desire which brings me back to the positives around a "blank slate" wedding site. Pro Tip: make sure to allocate a break in the typical program for a guaranteed amazing sunset.

If the Colorado Wedding Venue search feels overwhelming, let's chat!


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