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Three Splurges Worth Making For Your Colorado Wedding

You are the kind of couple that knows what you want- a wedding that captures the lifestyle and essence of the outdoors. You're laid back, environmental, adventurous, willing to take risks, family-oriented, kind-hearted and appreciates what Mother Earth provides us.

You also know that your wedding is a very important moment in your lives and that you want to conjure feelings of love, joy and excitement when you look back on the day. While there are a lot of elements of the wedding day that you could splurge on, there are three things that come up often with my couples that I wanted to elaborate on (and why I think they're100% splurge-worthy).

Now, before I go further, I want to provide the caveat that of course, this is your day and I'll always prioritize your preferences. Every couple is unique!

Wedding Videography

I have yet to have a wedding that opted out of photography. But I've had several couples tell me after their day that they wish they had also added videography.

There is so much magic on the wedding day and you're usually right in the center of it. But there are also many moments in between that you miss. For example, the way your spouse reacted when they first caught a glimpse of you coming down the aisle. Or the nervous look on your Dad's face before he saw you ready for the day. Or the way your mom and grandma started crying as soon as you took the dance floor for the first time as a married couple.

There are parts of the day that videography can bring to light for you in an unexpected way. You also won't likely remember every word of the amazing toast your maid of honor had or the way your spouse's voice hitched when they finally said I DO. Videography catches the precious bits of audio that lay the foundation for the day. Paired with videography, it becomes a piece of your legacy that you can pass down to your family for generations to come.


I love helping create a unique and fun menu for couples. Most of my couples know they want a fun reception with great food, but one thing that every menu needs to complete the package is a great bar!

One of the best ways to infuse your personality into the day is through your menu selections- be it cultural influences, a specific type of diet or a farm-to-table approach, nothing creates an immersive experience quite like a fantastic meal. But, I love when a couple adds a signature cocktail to their bar menu or a flight (beer, whiskey, tequila, you name it) during the reception. An expert mixologist can create something that incorporates not just your taste, but your aesthetic too. And it doesn't just have to be alcohol related. Water and lemonades infused with seasonal fruits and herbs is a great touch at your ceremony water station. How about a shot of Italian espresso to accompany the dessert bar?

The Horsefeather Mobile Bar does an AMAZING job. I love seeing their creations on Instagram.

Custom Lighting

Lighting sets the mood for your reception. Depending on how you want your evening to flow and how much of a "party" you want it to be, lighting helps set the appropriate visual cues. It can also transform a "dull" space or highlight a venue that has an existing WOW factor. It can help draw the eye to a main focal point, as well as put extra love and attention on key design elements.

Lighting can be anything from string lighting outdoors to colorful uplighting around the room or a little extra illumination in dark corners. It can also be a custom monogram projected on the dance floor or wall and pinspots to make those delicate details pop. Custom neon signs can add a touch of whimsy to a photo booth area. It is truly a transformational design element that is the cherry on top of an already gorgeous event!

Ryan Griz Entertainment offers all of these options and does an amazing job!

Now that you've heard why I think that Wedding Videography, Bar Service and Custom Lighting are worth the splurge, are you feeling the urge to prioritize any of these for your wedding day? Still feeling torn or unsure? Let's chat! As I said, it is your day and a splurge is only worth it if it's important to you!


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