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Wildflowers and Bubbles for a Crested Butte Wedding

The morning of Lizzy and Ben’s mountain wedding in Crested Butte, CO was overcast. The rain teased the couple and their guests all day. The clouds finally opened up an hour before the ceremony which caused a bit of a scramble. But, the rain cooled things off and created a delightful aroma in the garden.

After the couple exchanged vows, their guests cheered and celebrated with bubbles of all sizes. It created a joyous atmosphere...not to mention great photos.

Lizzy honored her grandmother by wearing her wedding dress which looked stunning on her! She changed into her own wedding dress after dinner so she could tear up the dance floor better. And Ben’s style was certainly on point too. The couple looked great together.

A pie bar, hula hoops and wildflower decor elements added a playfulness that was contagious.

Due to the late afternoon rain showers, the sunset was spectacular! The clouds were dramatic and the colors were out of this world.


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