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A Wedding of Jeeps and Jubilation

Cat and Michael knew that they wanted their wedding to be fun. This wasn't going to be like your traditional wedding. It was going to be an experience their guests would never forget.

And so, their guests boarded several tour Jeeps early in the morning for a ride up the San Juan mountains. The open top vehicles allowed their guests to breathe in the crisp mountain air and really experience the thrill of climbing mountains and crossing rivers.

Just 5 minutes from the couple's ceremony location, they ran into a little hiccup. A small truck blocked the road after getting stuck. Half the guests, including the groom, were on one side of the truck while the bride and the other half of the guests were stuck trying to figure out how to get around it. Cat was not waiting for this truck to move. She was ready to marry Michael and so, with a smile, she got out of her Jeep and hiked around the truck. She loaded back into another Jeep and continued up the mountain where Michael and their guests were ready for her.

Guests circled the couple as they exchanged sweet vows. The location was beautiful and so were the couple and their guests.

After the ceremony, guests traveled back down the mountain while the newlyweds enjoyed some time to themselves. Waterfall photos and a picnic were the perfect way to spend these moments.

Back in town, guests were getting the party started under a wildflower decorated tent. After the cake was cut, a bluegrass band played till the sun went down behind the mountain tops.

Cake - Sweet Cakes


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