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Nancy & Rob

Nancy and Rob's wedding was more like a three day festival. All guests were invited to come days before the actual ceremony to partake in camping, activities, music and socializing high in the mountains of Western Colorado. Surrounded my the Sneffels Mountain Range, guests set up a campsite like no other. A kitchen tent housed a beverage station including a coffee and tea bar that would make any barista smile. The living room tent was the central hub for socializing - adorned with vintage couches, ornate rugs and every style of throw pillow you can imagine. Market lights were strung all around and trees were dressed up with photos of weddings passed.

The morning of the wedding, friends and family of the couple were busy helping with set-up. Everyone seemed to have a unique skill that added a wonderful element to the overall look and feel.

The ceremony processional was spectacularly haunting. The men emerged from the reception tent in a silent walk towards the ceremony site where guests awaited. The groom then called out a chant letting the women know it was time for their entrance.

The bride's father met his daughter half way and continued to walk her towards her groom.

The ceremony was filled with love, mother nature and harmony. Shortly afterwards, the clouds released gentle droplets of rain so a rainbow would come out to congratulate the beautiful couple.

The evening festivities were filled with laughter, joy and much dancing that went well into the night.






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