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A Native American Wedding in the San Juan Mountains

Cody McCook is a descendant of Ute leaders Chief Ouray and his wife, Chipeta. So it was only natural that he and his partner, Turner Free, celebrate their union amongst the majestic San Juan mountains.

This beautiful and enchanting wedding started in the high country of San Miguel County at Alta Lakes with a ceremony filled with Native American traditions and elements of today's modern vow exchange.

Guests then traveled to Ridgway, Colorado for an evening reception filled with love and laughter. A renovated barn served as the reception venue while horses grazed in nearby pastures and a barn cat watched guests from afar.

A converted vintage trailer served guests cocktails while steak sizzled on barbecues. As the sun cast an alpine glow on the Cimarron Mountain Range, the lights illuminated the dance floor and eager feet followed.

The night came to an end as guests waved the couple goodbye and lit the night sky with sparklers.


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